Basic theory of X-ray machine


Ordinary X-ray machine is mainly composed of console, high-voltage generator, head, table and various mechanical devices. X-ray tube is placed in the head. The high-voltage generator and the head of the small X-ray machine are assembled together, which is called the combined head for its lightness.

Because X-ray machine is a kind of equipment that converts electric energy into X-ray, and this conversion is realized by X-ray tube, so X-ray tube becomes the core component of an X-ray machine. Because the material and structure of each X-ray tube have been determined, the inter electrode insulation strength and anode heat capacity are limited. Any combination of tube voltage, tube current and the time of applying tube voltage during operation shall not exceed the tolerance of X-ray tube, otherwise there is a risk of immediate damage to X-ray tube. The high voltage part, the control part, the filament heating part, the overload protection part and the time limiting part of the X-ray machine are all set up to ensure the normal operation of the X-ray tube.

It can be seen that X-ray tube is in the core position in X-ray machine, and should be protected in the work.

Post time: Dec-10-2021