Whale1613FDM A-Si series Medical X-Ray Detector

Short Description:

Pixel Pitch 125 μm
Pixel Matrix 1024×1248
ADC 16-bit
Gain Stage Multi-Gain
Scintillator GOS/CSI
Water Proof IPX0
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
High voltage generator
Calibration Software, Firmware
Radiation Hardness ≥1000Gy
Fixed Type X Ray Detector

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Whale1613FDM production is a fixed type and low noise x-ray flat panel detector based on amorphous silicon technology. A-Si technology based detector owns many advantages that are unavailable with other technology,Whale1613FDM production takes a high image quality and a large dynamic range, also Whale1613FDM possesses multi-gain stage, this function makes it possible that the detector can both be suitable for high sensitivity and large dynamic range requirements. Based on above characteristics, Whale1613FDM detector can be widely used in medical, industrial, veterinary, and research application area.

Key features for amorphous silicon technology

High dynamic range

Long life time

Sensor A-Si
Scintillator GOS / CSI
Active Area 160 x 128 mm
Pixel Matrix 1024 x 1248
Pixel Pitch 125 μm
AD Conversion 16 bits
Communication Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Exposure Control  Pulse Sync In (Edge or Level) / Pulse Sync Out (Edge or Level)
Mode Software Mode / HVG Sync Mode / FPD Sync Mode
Image Acquisition Time  30fps
Operating System  Windows7 / Windows10 OS 32 bits or 64 bits
Technical Performance
Resolution 4.0 lp/mm
Energy Range 40-160 KV
Lag  0.8% 1st frame
Dynamic Range  ≥86dB
Sensitivity  460 lsb/uGy
SNR  49 dB @(20000lsb)
MTF  75% @(1 lp/mm)
46% @(2 lp/mm)
27% @(3 lp/mm)
DQE 58% @(0 lp/mm)
43% @(1 lp/mm)
30% @(2 lp/mm)
Dimension(HxWxD)  196 x 162 x 37.5 mm
Weight  2.8 Kg
Sensor Protection Material Carbon Fiber
Housing Material  High Strength Aluminum Alloy
Temperature Range  10~35°℃(operating); -10~50℃(storage)
Humidity 30~70% RH(non-condensing)
Vibration IEC/EN 60721-3 class 2M3(10~150 Hz,0.5 g)
Shock  IEC/EN 60721-3 class 2M3(11 ms,2 g)
Dust and Water Resistant IPX0
Supply  100~240 VAC
Frequency  50/60 Hz
Consumption 8W

Dental CBCT

Mechanical Dimension

Whale1613FDM 4

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