Whale3025FQI-M Fixed Type X-ray Panel Detector

Short Description:

Pixel Pitch 140 μm
Pixel Matrix 1792 x 2048
ADC 16 bits
Gain Stage Multi-Gain
Scintillator CSI / GOS
Water Proof IPX0
Interface Gigabit Ethernet  
High voltage generator
Calibration Software, Firmware
Radiation Hardness ≥10000Gy
Fixed Type X Ray Detector


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Whale3025FQI-M production is a fixed type and low noise x-ray flat panel detector based on amorphous silicon technology. A-Si technology based detector owns many advantages that are unavailable with other technology,Whale3025FQI-M production takes a high image quality and a large dynamic range, also Whale3025FQI-M possesses multi-gain stage, this function makes it possible that the detector can both be suitable for high sensitivity and large dynamic range requirements. Based on above characteristics, Whale3025FQI-M X-ray flat panel detector is widely used in SMT, electronics, lithium battery and chip wire-welding applications.

Key features for amorphous silicon technology

• High dynamic range

• Long radiation resistance lifetime 

Sensor     A-Si
Scintillator     CSI / GOS
Active Area     250 x 286 mm
Pixel Matrix     1792 x 2048
Pixel Pitch     140 μm
AD Conversion     16 bits
Communication Interface     Gigabit Ethernet
Exposure Control    Pulse Sync In(Edge or Level) / Pulse Sync Out(Edge or Level)
Mode Software Mode/HVG Sync Mode/ FPD Sync Mode
Frame Speed    <=10fps
Operating System   Windows7 / Windows10 OS 32 bits or 64 bits
Technical Performance
Resolution 3.5 lp/mm
Energy Range 40-350 KV
Lag    ≤1% @ 1st frame
Dynamic Range    ≥86dB
Sensitivity    540 lsb/uGy
SNR    48 dB @(20000lsb)
MTF    70% @(1 lp/mm)
38% @(2 lp/mm)
21% @(3 lp/mm)
DQE 58% @(0 lp/mm)
41% @(1 lp/mm)
25% @(2 lp/mm)
Dimension(H x W x D)    322 x 285x 50.6 mm
Weight    6.2 Kg
Sensor Protection Material   Carbon Fiber
Housing Material    Aluminum Alloy
Temperature Range    10~35℃(operating);-10~50℃(storage)
Humidity     30~70% RH(non-condensing)
Vibration     IEC/EN 60721-3 class 2M3(10~150 Hz,0.5 g)
Shock    IEC/EN 60721-3 class 2M3(11 ms,2 g)
Dust and Water Resistant     IPX0
Supply    100~240 VAC
Frequency    50/60 Hz
Consumption     10W
CFDA (China)  
CE (Europe)  

SMT, Electronics, Lithium Battery and Chip Wire Bonding Inspection

Mechanical Dimension

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