Medical Dental X-ray Flat Panel Detector

Medical dental CBCT is the abbreviation for Cone beam CT. As the name suggests, it is a cone beam projection computer reconstruction tomography equipment. Its principle is that the X-ray generator performs a circular scan around the projection body with a low radiation dose (usually the current of the tube is about 10 mA). Then, the data obtained in the "intersection" after digital projection around the projection body for many times (180 times - 360 times, depending on the product) are "recombined and reconstructed" in the computer to obtain a three-dimensional image. The projection principle of data obtained by CBCT is completely different from that of traditional sector scan CT, and the algorithm principle of later computer reorganization is similar.

For dental CBCT, the flat panel detector is the core factor affecting its image quality, and the brand and technical performance of the flat panel detector are related to its image quality. The dental X-ray flat panel detector independently developed and designed by Haobo takes into account the specific requirements of narrow dental frame and high frame rate, and is suitable for medical and dental inspection applications.

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Post time: Jul-14-2022