X-ray flat panel detector for medical breast machine

Medical breast machine, mainly used for X-ray examination of female breast, is the basic breast examination and diagnosis equipment in gynecology and specialized hospitals in hospitals. and other soft tissue such as hemangioma photography. Since X-rays are penetrating, and the density and thickness of different tissues of the human body are different, when X-rays pass through various tissues of the human body, they are absorbed to different degrees. Different tissue images are formed on the film.

X-ray flat panel detector for medical routine DR (2)

Every October is "Breast Cancer Prevention Month" to remind women to pay attention to breast cancer prevention and treatment. Early detection, early intervention, and early treatment are important principles of breast cancer prevention and treatment. Therefore, how to improve the accuracy of breast cancer screening is a key proposition in the field of breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Medical mammography DR systems mostly use flat panel detectors to directly convert X-ray signals into digital signals, which are processed by an imaging workstation to generate images. Commonly used flat panel detectors are amorphous silicon and amorphous selenium detectors. The Whale2530 amorphous silicon series X-ray flat-panel detector independently developed and designed by Haobo has high precision, and the imaging is very clear, with high resolution and fineness. Compared with other methods, it can also achieve extremely fast and high-definition imaging for various types of early breast cancer manifestations, such as calcification, structural disorder, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency and diagnostic ability of primary hospitals.

This series has static plate and dynamic plate, which can not only meet the needs of general customers in the market. We can also develop dynamic innovative products according to the needs of high-end customers, which is convenient for the breast machine to do DBT and effectively increases the viewing angle.

Post time: Jul-14-2022