X-ray flat panel detector for medical routine DR

DR inspection, one of the routine medical inspection methods, refers to a new technology of direct digital X-ray photography under computer control. The X-ray flat panel detector using amorphous silicon material technology converts the X-ray information that penetrates the human body into digital. The signal is reconstructed by the computer and a series of image post-processing is carried out. The DR system mainly includes X-ray generating device, flat panel detector, system controller, image display, image processing workstation and other parts.

X-ray flat panel detector for medical routine DR.

Compared with traditional X-rays, DR detection introduces a digital system. After the rays pass through the human body or objects, they are collected by the X-ray flat panel detector, then converted through analog-to-digital conversion, and then processed by the workstation in the background. DR imaging is better than traditional X-ray imaging. Line sheet images have higher resolution and clarity.

The X-Panel 4343a PSM/X-Panel 3543a PSM series of X-ray flat panel detectors independently developed and designed by Haobo are divided into three types: fixed, portable and wireless. As the main core products of medical DR digital photography, they are suitable for different medical scenarios. This series of X-ray flat-panel detectors can achieve larger imaging area, faster image uploading speed, excellent DQE and MTF performance, and the main working mode is static filming mode.

This series has a standard version and a high-resolution version, which can not only meet the needs of general customers on the market, but also we innovatively develop upgraded products for the needs of high-end customers, increasing the pixel size from 140 microns to 100 microns, achieving a qualitative leap.

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Post time: Jul-14-2022