X-ray flat panel detector for pet medical testing

Pet medical testing DR, which is also referred to as pet digital X-ray photography equipment has become a standard equipment in veterinary fields. It is mainly used to perform X-ray examinations on pets to check whether there are foreign bodies, fractures, and inflammations in pets when pets cannot speak and do not need to undergo surgery, and common diseases such as tumors.

The five main components of pet DR include:

(1) Digital X-ray flat panel detector, which can turn X-rays passing through the pet's body into digital images

(2) High-voltage generator, which can provide the required electric energy with ultra-high voltage for the tube that emits X-rays

(3) X-ray tube, which can convert the electric energy with ultra-high voltage of the high-voltage generator into X-rays

(4) The frame, a device that can connect the examination bed, digital X-ray detector and tube to work together

(5) DR workstation software for pets, which can be used for image display, processing, storage, transmission, printing and reading.

As the core component of pet DR, the X-ray flat panel detector is the core component that converts X-rays into digital signals. The development and characteristics of the core components directly determine the effect of pet DR shooting and the height that can be achieved. At present, amorphous silicon TFT static flat panel detector technology is mainly used in the market. X-ray photography is divided into wired and wireless versions according to whether or not digital images are transmitted wirelessly.

X-ray flat panel detector for pet medical testing

The X-Panel 3543a PSV and X-Panel 4343a PSV pet medical inspection X-ray flat panel detectors independently developed and designed by Haobo are mobile and portable amorphous silicon flat panel detectors with a pixel size of 140μm and a good signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring high imaging quality. The wired design enables fast data transmission and no interference. At the same time, in the power supply of the tablet, it does not depend on the battery, and is directly plugged in for power supply, without the trouble of battery insertion and replacement.

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Post time: Jul-19-2022