Development trend of global CT tube industry in recent years

In June 2017, Dunlee, an X-ray and CT components company acquired by Philips in 2001, announced that it would close its generator, fittings and components (GTC) plant in Aurora, Illinois. The business will be transferred to Philips’s existing factory in Hamburg, Germany, mainly to serve the OEM market of X-ray products. According to Philips, in recent years, the replacement market for generators, tubes and components has dropped dramatically, and they have had to drive this change. The impact of Dunlee’s response to this change is that OEMs reduce product prices, introduce second brands, and competitors become more proactive.

In July 2017, Dunlee announced that its call center would be merged with allparts medical, an accessory supplier of Philips. Sales and service representatives of its alternative business in the U.S. will continue through allparts, which will continue to be Dunlee’s leader and provider in this area. Allparts is now the single point of contact for all Philips North American third party parts processes, covering all imaging products, including ultrasound.

Post time: Dec-10-2021