Haobo flat panel detector assists in intelligent SMT material management

Haobo flat panel detector assists in intelligent SMT material management


In the current Industry 4.0 era, high-efficiency automated production lines are becoming more and more popular. SMT factories have higher requirements for statistical management of materials in and out of the warehouse. It is essential to count materials quickly and accurately. The traditional technical methods, such as weighing and counting, are too inefficient, the accuracy of length measurement is low, and the mechanical counting action is too cumbersome to meet the needs of customers for automatic and efficient counting. Thus, market demand for intelligent counting machines is on the rise.

2.Customer Demand

● When large quantities of materials are put into storage, fast and accurate inventory counts are required.

● When the material tray is restocked from the production line, it is necessary to quickly and accurately count the quantity of the remaining batch of materials.  

● For OEM batch order processing, the customer needs to accurately count the quantity of materials before uploading online. 

● The automated production workshop ensures rapid, accurate, intelligent counting, convenient operation, and is labor saving.   

● The counted inventory data can be connected to the automatic control system, which is convenient for data transfer.  

3.Haobo Solution

In response to the difficulties faced by SMT factories, Haobo Imaging launched a flat-panel detector that can match the X-ray smart counting machine. This flat panel detector can cover all resistance capacitance sensing and IC materials with an offline intelligent X-ray counting system. It can quickly count various types of trays; the counted data can automatically calculate output, support the docking of ERP and MES systems, intelligent warehouse management systems, and realize less manpower and intelligent material management. 

1.Product recommendations

Haobo flat panel detector assists in intelligent SMT material management-1

1. Flat Panel Detector for Off-line X-ray SMD Chip Counting System 



● Quick and accurate detection of material trays within 7~17 inches

● Easy to operate and reduces work space

● Acquisition of image is fast and clear. The image acquisition of 2 frames per second or higher frame rate can be achieved.

● Support docking of ERP/MES/WMS systems

2.Flat Panel Detector for Inline Automatic Inspection Machine 



● Can detect all items of 7-15 inches tape Reel/JEDEC tray/IC moisture sensitive packaging and other items.

● It is suitable for any energy X-ray tube, can clearly read extremely small materials, and has a wide range of applications.

● Fast counting speed, high precision, can achieve high frame rate and image data acquisition at 4fps/15fps.

● The counted data can be uploaded to the factory ERP/MES system in real time (traditionally, the data is manually inputted to the factory ERP/MES system).

Post time: Sep-23-2022