Some people say Dr market can do 10 billion, do you believe it?

Dynamic Dr product line

From the first dynamic Dr launched in 2009 by Shimadzu to the current mainstream manufacturers have launched dynamic Dr products. From sporadic dynamic Dr products exhibition at medical equipment exhibition to dynamic Dr, it is becoming popular in the exhibition, and even put forward the slogan “no dynamic Dr”. It shows that dynamic DR is a successful product and has been widely recognized in the market. From the development line of old X-ray machine CR Dr, every upgrade and replacement of X-ray diagnosis system is closely combined with the upgrading of industry technology, and has been developing in the direction of making diagnosis more efficient and accurate. Dynamic DR is the same reason. When the performance of ordinary Dr for the industry begins to weaken or even disappear, dynamic Dr emerges. In the future, the general Dr market will be gradually replaced by dynamic Dr market. According to the Research Report on the market development of China Dr equipment industry (2018 Edition) issued by Limu information consulting, 2014

In 2015, the sales volume of Dr photography products in China was 6500, and the sales volume in 2015 reached 8700. It is expected that the sales volume of DR in 2019 will exceed 17000

This is the first time. At least half of the 17000 units expected here will be covered by dynamic Dr. Dynamic DR is expected to reach a market size of at least 5billion.

Breast Dr product line

Breast cancer is a common malignancy that endangers women’s health. In recent twenty years, the incidence rate of breast cancer in China has been increasing. In some city of China, such as Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, breast cancer has already occupied the first place in the female tumor incidence, and has become the first killer of female deaths. The earlier the breast cancer is discovered, the easier the treatment is. Breast X ray can be found before the tumor grows. Digital mammography is currently the most useful tool for doctors to diagnose breast cancer. It is one of the most recognized key technologies in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. In today’s increasingly competitive era, the incidence of breast cancer is becoming more and more younger. Women pay more attention to breast examination than ever before. Therefore, the market demand of breast machine will increase significantly with the improvement of people’s living standard in the next few years. According to the Statistics Center of the national health and Planning Commission, the growth rate of secondary hospitals is about 10.5%. The growth rate of breast machine is also about 10.5%. The demand for breast DR in 2018 is expected to be 2700. With the end of 2020 and the emphasis and policy guidance of women health census, the demand for breast machines will continue to increase in 2021. It is expected that the market size of breast Dr product line will reach 2 billion in five years.

Post time: Dec-10-2021