Medical DSA X-ray Flat Panel Detector for Digital Subtraction Angiography

The full name of DSA is Digital Subtraction Angiography, which is a digital subtraction technology based on sequential images. By subtracting two frames of images of the same part of the human body, the difference part is obtained, and the bone and soft tissue structures are eliminated. The blood vessels filled with the contrast agent in the two frames are visualized in the subtraction image, enhancing the contrast. As a medical imaging technology that emerged after CT in the 1980s, DSA is of great significance in the clinical diagnosis of vascular diseases and is the most effective detection method in the interventional diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. the "gold standard". Digital subtraction angiography system, also known as DSA equipment, is not only an inspection equipment, but also a necessary monitoring equipment in the implementation of interventional surgery.

X-ray flat panel detector for medical routine DR (5)

DSA equipment is mainly composed of X-ray generating device, digital imaging system, mechanical system, computer control system, image processing system and auxiliary system (high pressure injector). Large-scale DSA equipment generally adopts flat-panel detector digital imaging system.

The X-Panel4343 series amorphous silicon flat panel detectors and X-Panel 4343 series IGZO flat panel detectors independently developed and designed by Haobo have the characteristics of high image quality, fast acquisition rate, large dynamic range and wide range of terminal applications, which can be applied to high sensitivity applications. It can also meet the needs of large dynamic range scenes, and is widely used in digital fluoroscopic photography, digital gastrointestinal machine, dynamic DR, digital silhouette DSA and other application scenarios.

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Post time: Jul-14-2022