X-ray flat panel detector for medical C-arm

The C-arm X-ray machine is a gantry with a shape similar to the C-type. It consists of a tube that generates X-rays, a flat panel detector that collects images, and an image processing system. Its main function is to obtain conventional C-arm intra-operative fluoroscopic 2D images. In addition, 3D orthopedic intra-operative images with high quality, clear images and wide field of view can also be collected. The mobile C-arm has the advantages of small radiation dose, small footprint, and easy movement. It can be dynamically imaged in real time during the operation, and is used in orthopedics, surgery, gynecology and other departments.

X-ray flat panel detector for medical routine DR (1)

With the further development of flat-panel detector-related technologies, the C-arm imaging system has been continuously upgraded to better meet clinical needs. The application demand in the world continues to grow, and the industry has developed rapidly. The Whale series and Shark series X-ray flat panel detectors independently developed and designed by Haobo are suitable for medical C-arm applications. The overall performance of the Whale series meets most of the clinical needs in the market; the Shark series is Haobo's high-end series of flat-panel detectors based on IGZO material technology. Compared with the A-Si type detectors, the Shark series has excellent image SNR and DQE. The high electron mobility characteristics of IGZO materials, allow the flat panel detector to operate to a higher acquisition frame rate, which has an irreplaceable role in 3D reconstruction.

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Post time: Jul-14-2022